2016 In Numbers and New Year’s Resolutions

2016 In Numbers
Happy New Year guys! I want to wish you a year full of amazing adventures, dreams come true, sunshine, happiness, joy, love and sparkle! I hope 2017 is everything that you wish for ♥

As I write this, it’s New Year’s Eve Eve and I’m reflecting on 2016. As I do love a good list I thought I’d put a little list together of 16 achievements in 2016. Here goes;

  • 1 blog rebrand
  • 1 engagement
  • 2 pets lost
  • 2 pets gained
  • 2 UK citybreaks
  • 9 funfilled days in Disneyland Paris
  • 12 brand collaborations
  • 13 days relaxing and exploring in Kerkyra
  • 14 Disney Classics DVDs added to the collection
  • 15+ books read
  • 25+ cinema trips
  • 60 wedding invitations made
  • 92 instagram posts
  • 141 blog posts
  • 5000+ photographs taken
  • Unknown but obscene number of nail polishes acquired

Notes on New Year’s Resolutions

And as for my thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions, well I never stick to them so I won’t be setting myself any this year as I fail them before I even get started. I do have a few things I’d like to work on in 2017 though and as such, I have set myself 3 intentions for the year – any more than this and I know I won’t stand a chance!

In 2017 I want to:

  1. Worry less | My poor brain is always in overdrive, overthinking and worrying about every little thing. I have set myself similar goals in previous years but I’ve never actually worked on worrying less. I intend to do something about it this year, watch this space.
  2. Focus on my health | By health I mean I really need to drink more water, exercise more regularly and snack less. I am getting married in 4 months time and I’m feeling motivated to lose some weight and get a bit fitter.
  3. Keep Blogging | 2016 wasn’t my best blogging year, sure I’m still very proud of everything I have achieved and how much my blog has improved and progressed but I know I can do more. I want to make time to more regularly comment on my favourite blogs, join Twitter chats and just generally take it up a notch. This little space means the absolute world to me and I so want to keep at it to make it the best it can be.

I had a lot of fun putting this list together of 2016! What are your hopes and intentions for 2017?
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