About me

About me | Ioanna

Hello I’m Ioanna, a twenty something living in Hertfordshire with my husband, our two love birds and our 18 guinea pigs (yes, I’m obsessed). I work as a Digital Marketing Specialist by day and blog by night (most of the time). I’m also currently studying for a Master’s degree part time.

I’m an amateur photographer, beauty obsessive, guinea pig whisperer.

I heart nail polish, mascara (read: make up in general), all things Disney, delicate jewellery, stationery and pretty things.

Sunshine makes me happy.

Hearting.co.uk is my personal blog and was created on the 8th August 2014 to share snippets of my life and write about all of the things I’m hearting, from make up to places I’ve visited, from books I’ve read to cakes I’ve baked and much more.

I really hope you stick around and enjoy having a read!

Fun fact: you can never have too much nail polish (or guinea pigs).