Nails #71 | Essie Big Spender vs Essie Flowerista

Nails #71 | Essie Big Spender vs Essie Flowerista
Nails #71 | Essie Big Spender vs Essie Flowerista
I’m changing things up a bit for my nail post this week, I hope you don’t mind. I thought I’d do a bit of a comparison post to try something a little different.

Up until very recently Essie Flowerista was my favourite nail polish discovery so far this year (I actually brought it last year but I only got around to trying it out in 2016). I’ve warn it 2-3 times in the space of a few months which is pretty much unheard of as I love trying new shades out on a regular basis. There’s something about Flowerista that really draws me in. It is an absolutely stunning rich plum purple (featured in the first image, to the right).

While browsing online not so long ago I came across Essie Big Spender. The swatches I found gave me the impression that Big Spender could potentially be Flowerista’s big sister as I could see they had similar tones – like they came from the same family of colour. After making this discovery I had no choice but to order Big Spender to compare the two properly.

Turns out that I was right, Big Spender is another truly beautiful shade, it’s a deep pink with purple undertones (featured in the first image to the left and in the second image). Both Flowerista and Big Spender are rich, sophisticated shades and I feel equally put together wearing either shade.

Both shades have the loveliest formula, being almost one coaters but applying perfectly in 2 coats. They’re also both really pretty shades for spring and I’m finding it extremely difficult to decide which I prefer out of the 2 as I love both shades equally, they’re just so striking.

Do you prefer Essie Big Spender or Essie Flowerista?
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