Perfumes I’ve Been Hearting Lately

Perfumes I've Been Hearting Lately | Escada Magnetism and Juicy Couture Rah Rah Rouge
Perfumes I've Been Hearting Lately | Escada Magnetism and Juicy Couture Rah Rah Rouge
Today I want to tell you about two perfumes that I’ve been hearting lately. I think it’s such a coincidence that both have such stunning pink toned bottles.

Juicy Couture Rah Rah Rouge

First up we have Juicy Couture Rah Rah Rouge. Anyone else incapable of visiting airport duty free without buying a perfume? That’s me right there.

So yeah, Juicy Couture Rah Rah Rouge was a little treat to myself back in July when the mister and I were on our way to Kefalonia for our summer hols. As soon as I sniffed this fragrance I was captivated by its sweet, lasting scent.

Described as a colourful fragrance with a “burst of mouthwatering red plum, mandarin and pineapple, evolving into bright, fresh florals, to leave an addictive lasting impression with vanilla and sandalwood and musk”.

Although it’s a floral fruity fragrance that I would traditionally associate with the warmer months, the sandalwood and musk gives it something deeper making it perfect for this transitional time of year. To be honest, I like it so much I’d wear it all year round.

Perfumes I've Been Hearting Lately | Escada Magnetism and Juicy Couture Rah Rah Rouge

Escada Magnetism

The second perfume I want to share with you is Escada Magnetism. It’s become a bit of a tradition that when my parents go on their main holiday for the year they’ll bring me back a perfume which is just so very generous of them. My Mum knows me so well and she got this scent spot on!

Escada Magnetism is described as a “captivating and magnetising fragrance” featuring notes of rose, vanilla, coconut and caramel.

The combination of notes results in an intense, long wearing scent that is both sophisticated and sweet, but not too powerful that it can’t be worn for any occasion. I find it mesmerising and yet impossible to describe because it’s just so very unusual.

I love finding new scents that I truly adore and both Juicy Couture Rah Rah Rouge and Escada Magnetism have become firm favourites to wear all year round. As much as I love these two scents, there are so many perfumes out there that it’s hard not to have a favourite. You’ll have that one brand that whatever they release, you know you’re going to have it. Like if you are a fan of Chanel, enhance your Coco Mademoiselle perfume experience with some extra products. You really cant go wrong with Chanel. I may have a new favourite in a few months time, but for now, these are my holy grail perfumes.

What perfume have you been hearting recently?
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