What’s In My Hand Luggage

What's In My Hand Luggage
What's In My Hand Luggage
As this post goes live I’ll be on the plane to Santorini (fingers crossed everything goes as planned). I am beyond excited to finally visit the island I’ve always dreamed of exploring! Don’t worry I’ve been busy working on posts so content will be up as normal while I’m away, but I apologise in advance that I probably won’t be online much to reply to comments etc. until I’m back.

I thought it might be fun to write a little post on what’s in my hang luggage. This Summer I’m using my Cath Kidstone Tote for my hand luggage (yes this was a cheeky sale purchase!). First the essentials: passport, purse, currency, phone, cameras, sunglasses, tickets and other important paperwork (not pictured) – I triple check I have these on me before we leave the house as I’m always the one in charge of ensuring we have the important stuff with us. Thankfully I’ve never forgotten anything essential to date! I also always take my asthma inhalers in my hand luggage, I’ve only got mild asthma but I’d much rather pack my medication then find I need it and struggle without it. I can’t go on a flight without carrying chewing gum and sucky sweets – my ears usually hurt pretty badly during take off and landing but chewing or sucking on a sweet seems to make the pain more bearable.

I usually spend the duration of the flight engrossed in one book or another, so of course I have to take my kindle (well stocked with new reading material) and a couple of magazines. This year I also thought it might be fun for the mister and I to try Alfie Deyes’ The Pointless Book 2. I’ve never used one of these activity books before but it might help to pass the time! I also always have a pair of headphones with me (not pictured) in case I want to watch a film being shown or to listen to music. I also packed a notebook and pen in case I want to jot something down.

Tissues and hand sanitiser are a must when travelling, I picked up this mini citrus hand santiser from Primark on my last visit in the hope it would smell a bit better. I also had to include a hand cream so I chose The Body Shop’s Shea Hand Cream as it’s nice and compact. Finally I also packed a lip balm, I opted for this Blistex Moisture Melt with SPF 15 so I can keep my lips hydrated during the flight but I can also use it to protect my lips from burning when in Santorini.

What do you usually carry in your hand luggage? Have I missed anything I should have included?
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