A Few Of My Favourite [Pink] Things

A Few Of My Favourite Pink Things
A Few Of My Favourite Pink Things
A Few Of My Favourite Pink Things
A Few Of My Favourite Pink Things
I’m a big fan of the colour pink. In fact, it’s my favourite colour. I like pastel pinks, bright pinks and everything in between. Growing up, my bedroom was painted hot pink and white (there’s a funny radiator falling off the wall story to go with it – but I’ll leave that for another time!). And even now I like to have the odd pink accessory or nail polish to finish off an outfit.

In the Zatchel’s January sales last year I purchased my Pastel Pink Leather Barrel Bag – it was just love at first sight! I mostly wear it during the Spring/ Summer months with fairly plain coloured outfits as a pop of colour. I’m so impressed by the quality of this bag, it still looks as good as new (oh and by the way it’s currently in the sale for just £23 – are you tempted?)! Whatever bag I’m using I tend to carry this Pink Heart Shaped Mirror Compact and a pack of Wrigley’s Extra White Bubblemint Chewing Gum – yum!

I’ve also had my Instax Mini 8 for about a year now, I found it new on Amazon for about £60 with a few packs of film so I treated myself. I’ve always liked the novelty of instant cameras and this does the job beautifully. The film is fairly pricey but I keep it for special occasions and buy the film in bulk so it works out cheaper. It comes in lots of different colours but of course I had to choose pink!

I spotted this Pink Faux Leather Jacket in Primark at the start of Spring, I particularly liked the contrasting black and silver detailing with the pink. When I saw that it was reduced to just £10 I had to snap it up! It’s not something I can wear every day but it works beautifully with an all black outfit.

I love my baby pink Overhead Sony Headphones, I don’t feel brave enough to wear them out but they’re perfect for when I’m listening to music whilst cycling on the exercise bike or watching videos on my laptop and don’t want to disturb Nick. The sound quality is superb.

Now onto a few favourite pink beauty bits. I have a lot of pink nail polishes but my current favourites are Barry M Ballerina, Essie Status Symbol, OPI Kiss My Tulips (on my toes as we speak) and Topshop Prim and Proper. They all apply beautifully. I’ve been reaching for this pink-toned Essence Blush in the shade Adorable a lot recently, I just like the way it adds a subtle hint of colour without being shimmery and it lasts throughout the day.

The final product I had to include as a favourite pink product is Soap and Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Spray. In my opinion, if the colour pink had a smell this would be it. It’s sweet but with a twist of zing and it’s just a really lovely scent, the body spray isn’t particularly long lasting as you would expect so I might just have to try the fragrance mist next!

What is your favourite pink thing?
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