Turning 24

Happy Birthday To Me
Hi there 31st of May. Every year you come around that little bit quicker. Today marks my 24th Birthday which seems absolutely crazy, it feels like only yesterday I was turning 18 and seconds ago since celebrating my 20th.

I’ve spent the last few weeks feeling a little lost, I’m 24 and I don’t feel like I’ve achieved half of the things I wanted to yet at the same time I’m very proud of everything I have achieved. Life isn’t just one long checklist, it has it’s own ideas and we kind of just have to go with them. But I guess the joy of the unexpected is also half the fun.

Even so it’s still a little scary that I’m now 24. For a start, I can’t really say I’m in my early 20’s anymore and I also recently found my first grey hair (but at least it was only the 1 grey hair for now). I’ve always been frightened of growing older. Afraid that time will pass me by and I won’t have lived. So for the next year I WILL worry less, be less hard on myself and truly make the most of every single day.

So today I’ll probably wake up hungover, eat too much cake and celebrate 24 years of living with the people I care about most, because you only turn 24 once.

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