My Namesday

The 7th of January marks the date of my Namesday. One of my first posts was about my name so if you’d like to find out a bit more about my name feel free to have a read.

According to Greek Orthodox tradition, most days of the year are dedicated to a Christian saint. January 7th is the day of Saint John the Baptist and it is the Namesday for all Greek people named Ioannis/ Ioanna. In Greece a person’s Namesday is considered more important than a Birthday and it is always celebrated in Greece. Being half Greek, half English, I celebrate both (win win for me!).

This year I celebrated my Namesday on Saturday (as my sister headed back to Uni on Sunday and I wanted her to be there) by going for a meal at a Greek restaurant close to home with my family. It was a lovely evening, my family were very generous and gifted me quite a few things including the beautiful roses pictured. I don’t know if I’ll be doing anything tonight as the mister is working late, so as I’ll be home alone I’ll probably treat myself to a pamper and film night.

Have you heard of Namesdays before?
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