Little Treats #1

Recent Purchases:

  1. Essence Colour & Go Polish in English Rose | £1.60
  2. Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper | £1.80
  3. Essence Effect Nail Polish in Bejeweled | £2.00
  4. Essence Effect Nail Polish in Glitz and Glam | £2.00
  5. Essence Gel Look Top Coat | £1.70
  6. Wilko Bath Bomb Rhubarb & Vanilla Fragrance Explosion | £1.50
  7. Wilko Bath Bomb Passion Fruit & Melon Fragrance Explosion | £1.50
  8. Wilko Eyeliner Brush | £1.00
  9. Wilko Sticky Planning Notes | £1.00
  10. Kilner Handled Jar in Blue | £2.99
  11. Kilner Handled Jar | £1.99

I don’t feel guilty for spending less than £20.00 when I have walked away with 10 or so items that I know I’ll enjoy using. Wilkinsons is one of my favourite stores, when the mister and I were slowly collecting our kitchen and houseware for moving out we purchased a lot from Wilkinsons and now that we are using these items on a daily basis we are so pleased with the quality of everything we own, they are just such good quality and great value for money.

Whenever I’m close to a Wilkinsons I can’t help but pop in and peruse the aisles! I have wanted to try Essence polishes for some time so picked up a fair few that took my fancy. I have already used Bejeweled here which I found didn’t spread evenly and was a bit gloopy but I’m still really excited to try the rest, especially the multi-coloured Nail Effect Topper, it looks so fun in the bottle. I brought the Eyeliner Brush to use for cleaning up any mistakes around my cuticles when I paint my nails and so far this tool is working a treat. Also, how cute it the pink and black zig-zag pattern?

These Wilkinson bath bombs caught my eye and I couldn’t resist giving them a try, especially once I’d given them a sniff, described as a “ball of fruity fragrance” they smell so lovely. Let me know if you’d like to read a review on these once I’ve tried them. One of my favourite aisles has to be the stationery aisle in Wilkinsons, it’s so affordable. I genuinely do not need anymore notebooks or pens so I literally had to tear myself away but I can never resist post-it notes!

I have been looking for handled jars for what feels like forever and I finally spotted the blue one in Wilkinsons so I quickly snapped it up as it was the last one. Annoyingly I then went in QD and they had the clear ones (which I prefer) for a pound less but on the plus as least I now have two. Finding these totally made my day!

What little treats have you been buying recently?

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