hair before and after3

Last weekend I had my hair coloured. I’d been thinking about a change for a while. Having dark brown curly/ wavy hair I have found a cut that works and accentuates my curls/ waves so other than changing my fringe I don’t really change how I have my hair cut. Instead I experiment with colour. I have had pink highlights, blonde highlights, red hair, purple hair, black hair and even blue hair (don’t ask!). I gave my hair a break the past year or so and hadn’t dyed it until now. It’s in pretty good condition these days and I really didn’t want to damage my hair too much. So I went for ombré. What do you think?

I wanted something quite natural but noticeable. No one has really noticed/ commented so I guess that means it’s either really natural and not all that noticeable or they don’t like it? I’m pleased with how it turned out and I like the fact I don’t have to go back to have my roots retouched – I can just let it grow out. It doesn’t seem to have dried the ends of my hair out too much and I’m using some deep conditioning treatment a couple of times a week to help nourish my hair.

Do you like the ombré effect? Any tips on how to keep my hair in good condition?

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