Papergang #21

Now that I have a nail polish subscription box and my trusty Papergang box landing on my doorstep monthly my life is truly complete! Both boxes arrive at different times too which helps to prolong my excitement further. My November Papergang box arrived and I fell for the playfully festive cat and dog theme right away. Papergang have joined forces…

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9 Favourite Festive Christmas Jumpers

With just 5 weeks until Christmas I thought it was time for my annual post featuring all my favourite festive Christmas jumper finds. It has become a bit of a tradition around these parts and this year is no different. I’ve scrolled through a tonne of websites and made countless Google searches to gather my favs in one place, so…

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The Doubting Dinosaur

Some days the Doubting Dinosaur will just be lurking in the background, present but unobtrusive.. other days he will cast a shadow over my every thought crushing my confidence and preventing me from thinking clearly. Did I say or do the right thing? Did I make the correct decision? Am I selfish? Is it wrong that this situation has upset…

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Papergang #20

In my box: A6 Notebook | £9.95 6 x Rose Gold Clips | £3.95 2 x Pencils | £1.00 2 x Greeting Cards | £5.00 Printed Calendar | £1.95 My October Papergang box dropped on my doorstep last week and I have been so excited to share the contents of this month’s box with you. The theme this month is…

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Papergang #19

In my box: A4 Deskpad | £7.95 3 x Sticker Sheets | £3.95 Coaster | £2.95 1 x Greeting Card | £2.50 Printed Calendar | £1.95 Sheet Of Gift Wrap | £1.75 Over the last few years I have tried my fair share of subscription boxes, at one point I became quite obsessed and had about 5 dropping on my…

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3 Reasons Why Disneyland Paris Will Always Be My Happy Place

I have so many blog posts I SHOULD be writing but rather than sticking to my blogging schedule (at least I’m writing a blog post, right?) I’m going to talk to you about my happy place. In fact, I am going to share with you the 3 reasons why Disneyland Paris will ALWAYS be my happy place. Just because I…

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Wishlist: Disney

Mickey Mouse Hoodie (£19.99) | Beauty and the Beast Top (£7.00) | Dalmatian Tote Bag (£60.00) | Mickey Floral Embroidery Top (£15.99) | Mickey Mouse Stripe Shirt (£37.99) | Minnie Mouse Havaianas (£15.99) | Pongo and Perdita Sweatshirt (£55.00) | Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt (£22.99) Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional. – Walt Disney In just under 40…

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