How I made over £500 in just two car boot sales

Living in a two bedroom flat, it’s very easy to accumulate more stuff than is physically possible to store. As someone that likes to own a lot of things, I find that a great way of keeping on top of it, is by regularly decluttering. My motto is little and often, I like to clear a drawer or cupboard at…

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The Missing Piece

Yesterday I logged in to WordPress for the first time in what felt like forever, I mean, seven months is a pretty long time. A LOT can happen in 220 days (not to be exact or anything). It has been so long that I half expected to have forgotten my login details. But who was I kidding? Even though I…

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14 reasons why I heart Valentine’s Day

We don’t need Valentine’s Day to remember our loved ones, I genuinely believe that we should show our appreciation every single day of the year. But having said that, it’s still REALLY nice that it exists. It’s an excuse to have a whole day dedicated to the sprinkley, sweet, SPECIAL parts of love. (Or at least an overdue date night).…

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Dear Dusty

Dear Dusty, A week ago today I came home from work to discover that you had left us for piggy heaven. Tuesday the 16th of January 2018 was a heartbreaking day. At just over 4 years old, I don’t know why it was time for you to leave us. But I guess that’s life, loved ones can be here one…

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Three Diaries for 2018

Every year there are more and more beautiful diaries to choose from and every year I struggle to choose just one diary to help me stay on top of life. I find it impossible to resist pretty stationery, is anyone else the same? I’m hoping that (despite the fact we are nine days into the new year) there are a…

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17 things in 2017

My oldest friend and I spent a long weekend in Athens at the start of 2017 and we had so much fun singing and dancing ALL night at the bouzoukia and eating ALL the Gyros! Taking a selfie with my childhood idol is up there with one of my favourite moments of 2017. I scurried away in my spare time…

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Happy, Merry, Holly, Jolly Season’s Greetings

I just wanted to take a moment to share this photograph of my piggies (I single handily photographed them on Christmas Eve Eve and seeing them all together in this shot gives me all the feels) and wish you a truly wonderful Christmas. May your day sparkle with moments of love, joy and laughter. Happy, Merry, Holly, Jolly Season’s Greetings…

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