About Ioanna and Hearting
Hello I’m Ioanna, a twenty something Greek-English girl with brown eyes and curly hair. I work as a Marketing Executive by day and blog by night.

I live in a flat in Hertfordshire with my fiancé, Nick and my 6 guinea pigs (I’m a crazy guinea pig loving lady!) called Dusty, Rusty, Smokey, Toffee, Tufty and Whisky and our sweet little hamster, Whisper.

I like to spend my free time with Nick, family and friends, reading, watching films, cuddling my piggies, working on little craft (projects have included pompoms, and knitting looms in the past) or design projects, taking photographs, baking, going for walks or shopping (ooops!).

Clothes, mascaras (read: make up in general), nail polish, stationery, cute silver jewellery and things in pretty packaging are my downfall.

I like to have things to look forward to; whether that’s something simple like knowing I have plans to catch up with friends at the weekend or whether it’s a holiday four months from now. Sunshine makes me happy.

My blog is my little corner of the www to share snippets of my life and write about all of the things I’m hearting (loving) in life including beauty, photography, baking and anything else that takes my fancy. I hope you decide to stick around for a while.

Fun fact: you can never have too much nail polish.