The Doubting Dinosaur

The Doubting Dinosaur | My thoughts on the Doubting Dinosaur, experiencing feelings of uncertainty and doubt and how this can cause a spiral of negative thinking.
Some days the Doubting Dinosaur will just be lurking in the background, present but unobtrusive.. other days he will cast a shadow over my every thought crushing my confidence and preventing me from thinking clearly.

Did I say or do the right thing? Did I make the correct decision? Am I selfish?

Is it wrong that this situation has upset me? Am I too sensitive? Why am I useless?

Am I good at my job? Am I smart enough? Do I really know what I’m doing? Am I naive?

Do they like me or are they just putting up with me? Do they think that I’m boring? Do I fit in?

Does this outfit look half decent? Do I look fat? Does this even suit me?

Will they think less of me for posting that Disney photo? Does liking Disney make me immature or childish?

Does anyone find my content interesting or useful? Does anyone even read my blog? Doe anyone care?

Am I pretty enough? Am I kind enough? Am I funny enough? Am I good enough?

These are just a fraction of the questions that swirl around my head on a regular basis. When the Doubting Dinosaur is out to play, my mind is plagued with neverending questions of uncertainty.

But I’ve come to realise something. These questions aren’t me. These questions are (what I’ve decided to name) the Doubting Dinosaur.

He plants the seed of doubt and then my mind spirals into an obsessive, negative thought process that I can’t escape.

Or can I?

The Doubting Dinosaur may be big and powerful, but ultimately he is just a voice inside my head and it is up to me to stop believing him.

It’s up to me to prevent the spiral of negative thinking.

It is up to me to believe in myself, in my abilities and my decisions.

Does the Doubting Dinosaur visit you too?

Maybe we can conquer him together. I’m not saying it will be easy, some days will be harder than others, some days the Doubting Dinosaur may still defeat us but other days our strength WILL shine through. I believe in us, I know we can do it.

Let’s try and ignore the Doubting Dinosaur. Let’s not give him the power to fill our thoughts.

Instead, let’s do our very best to replace each and every doubtful thought with something positive or encouraging. No matter how small or insignificant that ounce of positivity may seem it will all add up to a step in the right direction. A step towards being a little kinder to ourselves and shutting out the Doubting Dinosaur for good.

Please remember, you are good enough just the way you are.
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