Nails #68

Nails #68 | Rimmel 2-step Gel System Rimmel Red Ginger
Base Coat | Nail HQ Protect & Repair Base Coat
Colour | Rimmel Red Ginger
Top Coat | Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish Top Coat

Last weekend I went browsing in Superdrug and I spotted Rimmel’s new Super Gel 2 step process. Step 1 is 2 coats of one of Rimmel’s Gel Nail Polishes followed by step 2 which is a coat of Rimmel’s Super Gel Top Coat. The 2 step process promises superior colour and shine that lasts for up to 14 days.

I tend to paint my nails every 5 days and my beloved Seche Vite Top Coat does a pretty good job at ensuring my nails last with minimal tip wear, but I’m always intrigued by new nail polish launches so I thought I’d put this 2 step process to the test.

I opted for Rimmel Red Ginger which I believe is a shade from their Salon Pro range that must have been repackaged and reformulated. Red Ginger is a redish pink shade that gives a really lovely pop of colour. The 2 coats applied beautifully and provided full opacity. Up until this point I thought Rimmel’s new 2 step process showed a lot of promise however it pretty much went downhill from here..

Although the Super Gel Nail Polish Top Coat applied evenly, it took a very long time to dry, to the point where 3 hours later I managed to smudge my thumb nail and had to reapply it. As for lasting up to 14 days? The next day almost a third of the polish on one nail had completely come off! There is a chance I caught it on something but my nail wasn’t damaged and I don’t recall getting it caught. By day 3 my nails had so much tip wear and nail polish missing that I just had to remove it!

I think that the issue is with the top coat – it just doesn’t do what it says on the tin which is really disappointing, especially considering it’s £5.99 wasted on a product that I won’t be using again. I feel like if I’d applied Red Ginger followed by my Seche Vite top coat my mani would still be going strong today.

Have you tried Rimmel’s new 2 step process? What did you think?
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