Dear Sooty

Dear Sooty | A letter to my beloved guinea pig
Dear Sooty,
Today I had to say goodbye. I had to watch the life drain away from your frail body and it broke my heart. 5 years and 5 months we had together. There wasn’t a day that went by where you didn’t make me smile or bring me joy. I will treasure these wonderful memories forever.

You’ve been through so much in your life. A fractured foot, an awful ear infection that could have been fatal and more recently a tumour which meant you had to be castrated. You always bounced back, you had so much thirst for life it amazed me.

It’s hard to know exactly why it was time for you to leave us but the vet said it’s likely that the tumours spread, probably to your brain. Just a couple of days ago you were still yourself, happily eating your favourite veg and completely full of character.

Today however you told us it was time. You couldn’t eat or drink and your eyes had glazed over. You had nothing left to give so we had no choice but to do what was kindest. I couldn’t bare seeing you suffer, but it didn’t make saying goodbye any easier. You lived a full life though and that is somewhat of a consolation.

I’m going to remember you as the lively, cheeky piggy that you always were. Black all over with a smudge of white on your back right foot. Mischief came first, food was always second. But you still loved your food! Grass, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, oh especially cucumber! As you grew older you loved cuddles and whenever I stroked your head you’d always headbutt my hand, it was always so adorable.

Go find Patch in piggy heaven my gorgeous little one, hope there’s all the veg and grass up there for you so you never have to stop munching.

I’ll love you and think of you always,

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