Winter Lush Haul

Winter Lush Haul
Winter Lush Haul
The Autumn and Winter months are perfectly suited to relaxing, indulgent baths. I never used to like baths, always prefering showers, however over the last couple of years I’ve found baths to be a great way to unwind and spend some me time. Lush goodies make for the ultimate bath in my opinion so I thought I’d pick up some new Winter appropriate treats for the coming months.

Winter Lush Haul | Big Bang Bubble Bar
Big Bang Bubble Bar
When I spotted the Big Bang Bubble Bar I was instantly drawn to its bright design and after picking it up for a sniff I found it smelt amazing too. Described as a bubble bar that will “start your evening with a bang” I can’t wait to try it.

Winter Lush Haul | Butterbear Bath Bomb
Butterbear Bath Bomb
Just look at the cuteness that is Butterbear Bath Bomb, I just couldn’t resist popping him in my basket, especially as he costs just £1.95. Containing cocoa butter and vanilla I’m hoping it will be moisturising.

Winter Lush Haul | Father Christmas Bath Bomb
Father Christmas Bath Bomb
This Father Christmas Bath Bomb is the only item in my haul that I’ve tried before. I love its sweet scent and the way it changes the bath water a vibrant green, perfect for the festive season.

Winter Lush Haul | Peeping Santa Bubble Bar
Peeping Santa Bubble Bar
Another adorable bubble bar that I just couldn’t resist, but it also smells lovely and fruity thanks to its ingredients of strawberry-sweet bergamot and geranium oils.

Winter Lush Haul | Reindeer Rock Soap
Reindeer Rock Soap
I’m not planning on using the Reindeer Rock Soap in my bath but I will place this soap on my bathroom sink to be used throughout December, because it smells absolutely amazing!

Snowman Shower Jelly
You see that little pot labeled Snowman Shower Jelly in the first couple of photos? Well that contains a snowman shaped shower jelly which I was more then a little scared to take out the tub and photograph, but I can’t wait to try my first shower jelly! I hope I don’t drop the little guy.

Winter Lush Haul | Star Dust Bath Bomb
Star Dust Bath Bomb
I’m a sucker for anything star shaped and after seeing this in action I can’t wait to try it for myself. It looks like as the bath bomb dissolves it releases tiny colourful stars into the water which sounds absolutely delightful.

Winter Lush Haul | The Magic Of Christmas Bubble Bar
The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar
The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar smells like Christmas on a stick – and I love that the stick is a cinnamon stick! Please can we take a moment to appreciate this sparkling beauty?

Have you tried any of these Lush products? I’d love to read what you thought of them!
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