Nails #3

There is so much beautiful nail art popping up on my feed lately and Sarah’s post inspired me to do something a little different with my nails this week. Sometimes it’s nice to have a change from the usual one colour mani. Although my nails really do need a manicure. My friend told me about a great website which you can click here to see. Looking after your nails is really important!

I used the Rimmel Stronger Try Harder Double Duty for my base coat. It doesn’t seem to be on the Boots website anymore but I have had this a while, I think it cost about £4.50 at the time. A couple of my nails have broken recently so I thought I’d give them a bit of extra TLC.

On each hand I painted three of my nails in MUA Strawberry Crush and two of my nails in MUA Bullet (all my MUA purchases are from Superdrug but the full range doesn’t seem to be on their website). I love MUA’s £1 polishes, they’re great value for money, easy to apply and are opaque in 2-3 coats. MUA Strawberry Crush is a beautiful pink, it’s not too bright but it is still a lovely girly shade. MUA Bullet is a shade of grey, it isn’t too dark and I think it works really well with Strawberry Crush.

On my little fingers, on top of the Strawberry Crush I added a couple of coats of the Barry M Pink Sapphire Glitter Paint which cost £2.99. This nail polish is a mixture of pink and holographic silver hexagons, bars and glitter with a clear based polish. I love how unique and sparkly this glitter paint is compared to anything else in my polish collection. I found this polish applied fairly evenly but I did add 2 coats to achieve the coverage I was happy with.

I love glitter polishes but I find the removal process a complete chore so very rarely wear them. However, I recently purchased the MUA Peel Off Polish Base Coat for £1.99 so thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test this out. I used MUA’s Peel Off Polish as the base coat on my little fingers. I’m really hoping this works for a no-hassle removal process (review to follow) so I can start using my glitter polishes more regularly (fingers crossed)!

As a final step I coated all my nails with a generous layer of the Rimmel Finishing Touch Ultra Shine Top Coat which costs £4.49. I like this top coat because it adds shine but I find that even if I wait 5 minutes for the colour to dry before applying this top coat the tip of the brush always seems to stain and I’m not sure if it really prevents my polish from chipping so I’m on the lookout for something better. I’m rather tempted to try the Seche Vite Dry Fast Professional Top Coat as I have only ever read positive reviews. Do you have any other recommendations?

As I’m typing this the glitter on my fingers keeps catching my eye and I can’t help but smile. A little sparkle has really brightened my week! How do you like to change up your weekly manicure?

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