Quoting #6

Quoting #6 | "I NEED VITAMIN SEA"
As this post goes live I’ll be half way through my Summer holiday with the mister in Santorini. I feel that the need for me to be some place hot and by the sea, comes from deep within me. I’ve always said it has something to do with being half Greek – I just need my annual fix of the Mediterranean! I haven’t been feeling quite myself lately, I haven’t been sleeping well, my moods have been all over the place and just generally I think this holiday has come at the perfect time. I need a break and a change of scene. I need my dose of vitamin sea (and sunshine, cocktails, good Greek food, time with my Nick and the chance to explore the island I’ve always dreamed of visiting!).

For anyone that’s wondering this photograph was taken in Skiathos last Summer – some of the most stunning beaches I’ve ever seen.

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