Currently #1

Currently #1
Watching: lots of Dexter – I’m very much captivated. I really didn’t like it to begin with, but now the mister and I have got to Season 3 I can’t stop watching.
Reading: I’ve recently started reading The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes. After loving Me Before You by Jojo Moyes I just had to read more of her work.
Listening: I need to discover some new music tbh, any recommendations?
Eating: lots of fruit lately.
Drinking: far too much Pepsi Max Cherry.
Wearing: my TOMS (these ones). like ALL the time.
Feeling: excited! Holiday times is only a couple of days away! YAY!
Thinking: I can’t wait to be back in Greece.
Planning: everything I’d like to see and do in Santorini.
Needing: a good night’s sleep! I’m not sleeping very well lately.
Loving: having a bicycle again. I haven’t owned a bike in such a long time and it’s so nice to go on cycle rides again.
Hating: staring neighbours! The majority of our neighbours are extremely friendly but we have a few that just constantly stare if you pass them in the car park/corridor/ bin room, it’s kinda intimidating.
Thanking: you guys for all your lovely comments, you make me smile!

I want to include more posts like this where I talk a bit more about day to day life. It’s nice to have somewhere to capture the little details. What do you think of this kind of post? I hope you like it!
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