My Little Box #8

In my box:
Lip Balm Loved By Lou Lesage
Le Soft Perfume Copacabana
My Little Beauty’s Repairing Mask for Dry Ends
Bonne Etoile Necklace
Rotating Stamp and Ink

I’m going to launch straight in and say I am blown away by My Little Box this month, they just get better and better. The theme this month is My Little Dream Box to encourage us to follow our dreams and achieve our ambitions. Such a lovely theme, don’t you think?

Upon opening the box the first thing I came across was the watercolour cloud with the Walt Disney quote “If you can dream it, you can do it”, as soon as I read this I knew I’d love this month’s box before even seeing the rest of the contents! After closer inspection I noticed that on the back of the cloud is an invitation to the My Little Box Dream Catcher. A stunning concept whereby you visit and send yourself an e-mail with your dreams which you’ll then receive in 365 days, to help encourage us to achieve them which I think is the most beautiful idea. I have already visited the site and e-mailed my dreams.

Now onto the products contained within the My Little Dream Box. For April My Little Box have introduced a new brand called Loved By which invites personalities such as French actress and singer Lou Lesage to design exclusive makeup and skincare products. It doesn’t sound like the Loved By brand will be making an appearance in every box but if the quality of the My Little Beauty products are anything to go by, I’d be very happy to receive many more products in the future. The first Loved By product is a nourishing rosy red lip balm. It looks very bright in the pot but it actually only leaves a subtle tint of red on the lips which I really like. I think I’ll be using this lip balm a lot!

Next I received Le Soft Perfume Copacabana. Le Soft Perfume is a travel-friendly solid stick of perfume which is alcohol and paraben free with natural ingredients that comes in a twist up stick. I’ve never heard of this brand before but Copacabana smells absolutely amazing! It has top notes of pink peppercorn, petit grain and bergamot and base notes of jasmine, violet and orange blossom and to me it just smells of Summer and holidays! I’m honestly in love with this fragrance and the packaging is so pretty and colourful! It’s also very light and compact so perfect for taking away on holiday.

I was also sent My Little Beauty’s Repairing Mask for Dry Ends. I like to use a hair mask almost every time I wash my hair to keep my locks in good condition so I always welcome another hair mask. My Little Beauty’s offering contains walnut oil and shea butter and smells delicious from the bottle. I can’t wait to try this out, it is a decent sized bottle too so should last a while.

My Little Dream Box also contained two lifestyle items. The first is a gold necklace with the engraving Bonne Étoile (meaning Lucky Star), unfortunately I don’t wear gold but I’ll pass this on to my sister who I know will love it. The second lifestyle item was a pale green rotating stamp which has various messages and little doodles like made with love, wow, clouds, stars etc. and a little pad of black ink. Being a major stationery fan of course I adore this and will find any excuse to use it!

I pretty much say this every month but My Little Box is simply delightful and I think My Little Dream Box has to be my favourite theme yet. My Little Box set the bar higher and higher every month (and never disappoint) so I really can’t wait to see what they come up with for May!

Have you subscribed to My Little Box? What do you think of the My Little Dream Box?
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