Moments of Happiness #1


  1. First Blog Meet Up | a couple of weekends ago I went to my first ever blog meet up that the lovely Jasmin organised and I had such a great time meeting and chatting to other bloggers. I was quite nervous before going but I’m so pleased I went!
  2. Mini Cards | quite a few of the delightful bloggers I met had business cards for their blogs, and I thought it was super handy for passing on contact details that I ordered some of my own. Katy, and some of the other bloggers I met recommended so I ordered their mini business cards. They arrived last week and I’m so happy with how they turned out.
  3. Discovering Green Tea | I don’t usually drink tea or coffee but I thought I’d give green tea a go because of all the added benefits and I actually quite like it. Tetley’s Super Green Tea Boost in berry flavour has to be my current favourite – it contains B6 to help reduce tiredness and it tastes great.
  4. Books for Free | have you come across Healthy Planet’s Books for Free centres? Healthy Planet is a charity that rescues unwanted books and redistributes them for free. I came across one of their centres the other day and gave a little donation in exchange for 3 books that caught my attention. I could have spent hours browsing! I love the whole concept of the charity and will definitely be taking some books to their centres in the future.
  5. Cake-shaped Notepad | I spotted this adorable cake-shaped notepad in Tiger and I just had to buy it. It’s so cute – it makes me smile every time I look at it.
  6. First Signs of Spring | the brighter mornings and evenings are making me so happy. I hate leaving work in the dark, by the time I’m home I feel like I should be going to bed. The longer days are definitely giving me an extra boost of energy. To celebrate the first signs of Spring I also bought some pretty tulips for our flat which I’m also really enjoying.
  7. LipGlam Lip Balm | my lips have been quite sore lately but the LipGlam Lip Balm has really come to the rescue. I received this in my November Birchbox, and it’s pretty much been stuck at the back of my dressing table since, but now I’m getting lots of use out of it!
  8. Grandad’s 90th Birthday | my Grandad turned 90 at the weekend and we had a wonderful family meal at the Auberge du Lac restaurant, Brocket Hall. Aside from the food being amazing, it was just lovely to spend time with family to celebrate my Grandad’s Birthday. We bought him a new phone from a website like fanmisenior and he was so happy with it. It took us a while to choose which one to buy as there were so many options
    but he was so happy with the gift! We don’t get to see him very often so at least we’ll be able to call him now.
  9. Blueberry Smoothie | on Sunday morning, inspired by Angela, I made a delicious blueberry smoothie and it was the perfect start to the day. I brought lots of blueberries and bananas so I’ll likely be making this smoothie several times this week!
  10. Making Scarves | I have now finished my second scarf and going onto my third knitting loom creation! I’m totally obsessed, but I’m finding it really relaxing.

What has been bringing you happiness lately?
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