My Dechox

A week into my DECHOX and I haven’t given in to any chocolate cravings. Go me! For the whole of March I’ve given up chocolate. I’m a bit of a (read: complete) chocolate addict. I have pretty much got into the habit of eating something chocolatey every day, whether that is a hot chocolate, a cookie or a chocolate bar. I just can’t resist it and it’s always my first choice if I’m after a sweet treat.

I saw the British Heart Foundation’s sponsored Dechox challenge being advertised in Metro towards the end of February and thought it would be the perfect challenge for myself. I’m hoping that by giving up chocolate I’ll make healthier choices and try some new bakes that don’t involve chocolate (as I’m always baking!). I am also hoping to raise some money for lifesaving heart research, if you fancy sponsoring me, you can do so here – thank you for your support!

So far so good, I haven’t been craving chocolate too badly. When someone offered me a chocolate, I declined, and it felt great! Last weekend I baked some flapjack (I’ll be sharing the recipe with you in the next few weeks) and so I’ve been snacking on that when I’ve felt the need for something sweet. I’m also going to stock up on fruit and yogurts. No doubt this challenge will get harder as the weeks go on, I’m going to miss it, but I’m determined to make it through the entire 31 days to prove myself that I can live without chocolate. I can do this!

Are there any recipes for healthy sweet treats (that don’t include chocolate) that you’d recommend to fill the chocolate void?
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