Hearting List #5: Me Time

With the mister working more evenings and weekends recently I have found myself with more time to do things for myself. If I don’t tell myself to spend the time doing things that I enjoy I end up doing jobs which isn’t relaxing, so I’ve been making sure I give myself plenty of me time. This is how I like to spend it;

  • Paint my nails | I have always enjoyed painting my nails. I find it therapeutic and a fresh coat of polish is one of the best pick me ups. I like to use a lap tray to paint my nails on whilst watching TV or a film.
  • Adult colouring in | I was gifted a new colouring in book for Christmas and I’ve been enjoying colouring whilst listening to music or having the TV on. It’s relaxing without having to think too much so it’s perfect for when I’m feeling tired.
  • Reading | My dedicated reading time is my train journeys to and from work but if I’m home on my own then I can fit in some extra reading time which is wonderful, especially if I’m reading a particularly good book.
  • Cuddling my furry friends | Oh I do love my pets, my four-legged friends are my absolute favourite and when I’m home alone I get them all to myself (yay for me!).
  • Pampering bath | I’m definitely more of a shower girl but a Lush bath every now and then just has to be done. It feels like such a treat.
  • Tidy a drawer or cupboard | You might think this is a strange one, but I like to have a tidy home, so sometimes I like to tidy a drawer or cupboard and that way I keep on top of any clutter that so easily accumulates. It’s one of those things that I don’t enjoy doing, so I tackle it in chunks and then enjoy the result.
  • Cycling or a walk | If I feel like burning some energy I’ll have a cycle on my exercise bike or go for a walk to get some fresh air.
  • Baking | I do love a little baking session, and that way the mister has something tasty to look forward to when he’s home from his shift. One of the things I love most about baking is doubling the quantity and sharing them out to various family as a little way of showing my appreciation.
  • Watching a film/ TV | Lately I’m really into watching Gossip Girl – not something I’d normally choose to watch but I’m quite intrigued by it. Have you seen it?
  • Getting crafty | Whether it’s busy working on a pompom project or something else entirely, I do enjoy my craft projects.

How do you like to spend your “me time”?
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