Story Time

Have you ever played that texting game called Story Time? If you haven’t heard of it, it’s where one person begins by texting the beginning word, phrase or sentence to the other and then the other person reciprocates, thus slowly constructing a story via text. If you’ve never tried it, you should! It’s great for long journeys (could be written down on paper too) or as a way of keeping in touch with a partner when apart or equally, just for fun! The mister and I played this game not too long ago and it went something like this..

Ioanna: I climb a mountain and
Nick: meet a snowman
Ioanna: and we have a chat about
Nick: eating pumpkins with a pencil.
Ioanna: Then we realise it might be hard for a snowman to eat a pumpkin with a pencil. So I ask the snowman, “Where would the pumpkin go if you ate it?”
Nick: He replies, “Into my snow belly obviously, next to all my old carrots”.
Ioanna: I decide to name the snowman Olaf and I ask him “Do you like warm hugs?”
Nick: He says “Now that was my father, whom I’m named after. I like luke warm hugs”.
Ioanna: I ask, “What do they feel like?”
Nick: “They feel like a unicorn rubbing his tail on your forearm”. (I was completely in stitches by this point!)
Ioanna: I give the snowman a luke warm hug and decide to continue on my treck up the mountain.
Nick: as I continue I find a small wooden shack
Ioanna: and I decide to knock on the door to see if anyone lives there
Nick: and it’s opened by an old man with a beard down to his knees.
Ioanna: I ask him, “Are you Dumbledore?”
Nick: he says “No, I often get asked that but my name is Terry and I was a plumber by trade not a wizard”.
Ioanna: I say, “That’s a shame, I was hoping you could cast a spell for me”
Nick: he says, “Sorry I can’t, but I can fix your drains”
Ioanna: I say, “Thanks but I don’t live close by, I’m just out on a walk today”
Nick: he says, “OK, well if you ever need a plumber here’s my card.” He then invites you in for some skittle soup
Ioanna: and I kindly accept. I love the skittle soup, it tastes like rainbows and candy canes.
Nick: Once you’ve finished eating he asks if you would like to stay and rest or continue on your walk
Ioanna: I decide to rest for a while and then continue on my walk.
Nick: As I continue, I notice a strange sight on the horizon
Ioanna: and I think to myself, could that be a spaceship? It looks like it’s getting closer.
Nicks: Only it turns out that it was just an overweight cow wrapped in tin foil.

This game turned out to be quite the enabler of Nick’s rather vivid imagination.. sometimes it’s fun to do something randomly silly though, don’t you think?
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