Chocolate Banana Cake

A couple of weeks ago I fancied baking a healthy-ish cake and I stumbled upon this Chocolate Banana Cake on Pinterest which suited my requirements perfectly. It contains Greek yoghurt, oats and bananas so I promise you it is full of healthy ingredients even if it doesn’t look it! The bananas and yoghurt make this cake really moist, airy and…

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Salted Caramel Brownie

I have been meaning to share this salted caramel brownie recipe for so long! When I made these I overcooked them slightly so I definitely suggest sticking to the 30 minutes cooking time even if they still seem a little squidgy in the middle. None the less these were still delicious and very much satisfied my salted caramel needs! For…

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Happy Easter and Mini Egg Rocky Road

Our flat is filled with daffodils, multiple lindt bunnies in their golden foil, bells and red bows and spindly branches filled with various Spring decorations which can only mean one thing.. it’s Easter! Happy Easter all, whether you celebrate it or not I hope today is filled with family time and copious amounts of chocolate! I possibly should apologise for…

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Peanut Butter and Jam Flapjack

When I started my Dechox I thought I could use March as an opportunity to bake non-chocolatey treats. I came across a recipe for Peanut Butter and Jam Flapjacks and I thought they sounded delicious. This flapjack is seriously squidgy, moreish and very easy to make. Next time I might try these without the jam, as I think they’d be…

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Knitting Loom

2014 was the year of the pompoms and I get the feeling that 2015 will be the year of the knitting loom. So watch out friends and family, you’ll all be getting a new scarf at some point this year (unless I find something else to make!). Ever since ordering my knitting loom after my best friend shared this tutorial…

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Gooey Double Chocolate Cookies

Oh I do love a good gooey, chocolatey cookie. After hearing a colleague at work recently rave about these cookies I pretty much baked a batch that same day. I have to say that these cookies are on par, if not slightly more scrumptious than the Triple Chocolate Cookies I posted about back in September. I think I might have…

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Pancake Day

Measuring out the flour, milk and baking powder and cracking the eggs. Whisking the dry ingredients with the wet to make a thick batter whilst heating the frying pan until it’s hot. Popping a ladle full of mixture into the pan whilst the room fills with a tempting sweet smell as it cooks. A quick flip and a catch. Allowing…

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