Freebie #2: Summer Holiday Packing Checklist

Summer Holiday Packing Checklist
With my Summer holiday in just over a week’s time I’m very much in packing mode. Every time I go on holiday I write list after list so I don’t forget anything essential and this time I thought I’d make life a bit easier and create something I can use next year too! I also thought that I could share my Summer Holiday Packing Checklist with you, in the hope that you’ll also find it useful.

I’ve split the checklist into sections – Clothing, Accessories, Beauty and Toiletries etc. to make it as user friendly as possible and I’ve even left a couple of spaces at the end for any personal extras. Quantities of things such as shorts and tops very much depend on the length of your holiday and personal preference but there’s room for you to add in “x quantity” next to each line item if you’d like your checklist to be more specific.

As for packing advice? I’m not known for packing light, I like to have choices and options with me and usually take more clothes then I actually get to wear but I know that’s not for everyone. I like to save weight and space by decanting my favourite cleansers and moisturisers into travel jars like this one, I take samples and minis where I can and generally only take essential skincare products with me as they can really add a lot of weight. I also wear the bulkiest items of clothing on the journey to help save space.

In terms of preventing leaks and breakages I always double bag all liquids. I wrap breakable items in pants or socks. I also put delicate dresses and shirts in at the last minute, right at the top of the suitcase and take them out as soon as I get to the hotel and I find that helps to prevent creases. I never pack valuable items such as my cameras or favourite jewellery in case my suitcase is lost, I always carry these items in my hand luggage.

You probably know all of this already but I guess it doesn’t hurt to include the few packing tips I’ve learnt over the years (mostly thanks to my Mum!).


For personal use only.

I’d love to hear in the comments below if you’ve found this checklist useful. Happy Packing!
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