Santorini Bucket List

Santorini Bucklet List
There is about 6 weeks until our holiday to Santorini and it’s getting to the point where I’m struggling to contain my excitement. I’m so pleased I have this Summer holiday to look forward to – I need my dose of sun, sea and sand! I’m the type of girl that likes to research before going away and so I’ve compiled a little bucket list of the 10 things I really want to do whilst we’re in Santorini. I really want to experience as much as possible while we are there as this is my dream holiday come true. Like seriously, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit.

  1. See A Santorini Sunset (or several) | one of the things I am most excited to do in Santorini is to see the sunset from Oia and Fira. I’ve heard it’s spectacular and I can’t wait to experience it for myself.
  2. Eat A Santorini Salad | I adore a good old traditional Greek salad but Santorini has its own version with capers, sundried tomatoes and cucumber.
  3. Snorkeling | I’d love to see what hides underwater around the island of Santorini. Caves, underwater canyons, dramatic reef and cliff formations – sounds like there is so much to explore.
  4. Volcano And Hot Springs | I can’t visit Santorini and not see the active volcano and hot springs.
  5. Have A Candlelit Dinner Overlooking The Caldera | because it looks so romantic, enough said.
  6. Visit Kasteli (Castle) Of Pyrgos | there are a few different castles on the island that I’d like to visit but this one has to be top of the list. It sounds like such a picturesque location.
  7. Go On A Boat Trip | I’ve read that sailing around the island of Santorini reveals rock formations, beautiful beaches and incredible views of the whitewashed towns. Sounds divine.
  8. Visit Red Sand Beach | this sounds like one of the most stunning beaches on the island with unique red volcanic clay and crystal clear waters.
  9. And Explore ALL The Beaches | Amoudi Beach, Perissa Beach, Kamari Beach,White Beach.. they all sound stunning and I certainly want to take the time to visit them all.
  10. Make The Most Of It | having always wanted to visit this magnificent island I want to enjoy every minute, savour every experience and really stop to take everything in.

Do you have a Summer holiday planned? What would be your dream destination? If you’ve visited Santorini I’d love to hear any tips for where to visit!
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