14 reasons why I heart Valentine’s Day

14 reasons why I heart Valentine's Day

  1. We don’t need Valentine’s Day to remember our loved ones, I genuinely believe that we should show our appreciation every single day of the year. But having said that, it’s still REALLY nice that it exists.
  2. It’s an excuse to have a whole day dedicated to the sprinkley, sweet, SPECIAL parts of love.
  3. (Or at least an overdue date night).
  4. It’s totally okay to be super cheesy and tell your Valentine you love them over and over again, all day long.
  5. It’s also an excuse to eat all the chocolate..
  6. ..and all the heart shaped food. I heart heart shaped anything, especially food.
  7. Pink is my favourite colour and on Valentine’s Day it is completely acceptable to wear ALL the pink.
  8. And I can wear my heart print shirt. To work.
  9. Romantic comedies. I don’t think further explanation is needed.
  10. Because I get to witness the sheer delight (and the ounce of embarrassment) of colleagues receiving flowers at work. FYI I’m yet to receive some myself.
  11. All the looove-ly Valentine’s Day collections that come out leading up to this time of year.
  12. It gives me something to look forward to in February.
  13. I heart Valentine’s Day because it’s a day to celebrate all the love in your life, whether that’s a friend, parent or pet. And you guys know I really love my pets.
  14. This is my 10th Valentine’s Day with my other half and my first as wife, and that’s pretty special in itself.

Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day?
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