Lisbon Bucket List

Lisbon Bucket List: 10 things I'd love to do when visiting Lisbon
As this post goes live the mister and I will be part way through our Lisbon city break. A little disclaimer, the image featured here is from our last proper city break to Budapest in 2015. Yep that’s right, we haven’t been on a city break for the last couple of years as we have dedicated all of our shorter trips to visiting Disneyland Paris (I know, we’re obsessed).

As much as I love Disneyland Paris, I am so excited to visit somewhere new and it sounds like there is SO much to do in Lisbon that I can’t wait to explore as much as possible over the coming days. I’ve put this Lisbon bucket list together to document everything I’d like to do while we’re visiting Lisbon.

  1. Look around the Belém district | Belém Tower, Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.. there is so much to see and do in this area that we’ll certainly have to dedicate at least a couple of hours exploring.
  2. Ride the Elevador de Santa Justa | the lift connecting upper and lower Lisbon stands 45m tall and the structure is built in the same style as the Eiffel towel. It’s said to have amazing views over Baixa.
  3. Visit Castelo de São Jorge | Towering over Lisbon, St George’s castle just had to be included on my bucket list.
  4. Wonder the cobbled streets of Alfama | and take in the historic sights and ancient houses.
  5. Taste a pastry of Belém | there’s no way that I could visit Lisbon without trying this famous Portuguese egg tart pastry.
  6. Check out Baixa Pombalina | Baixia is Lisbon’s historic centre and I can’t wait to have a good look around.
  7. Visit Mercado da Ribeira food market | Lisbon’s main food market was transformed by Time Out Lisboa a few years ago and now features stalls offering food and traditional local products. I’ve read really good reviews about the food here and so I just had to add it to the list.
  8. Explore the breathtaking Sintra | from everything I have seen and read about this beautiful town I’m going to love visiting Sintra to take in the sights.
  9. Ride tram 28 | I’m so excited to ride one of Lisbon’s vintage yellow trams.
  10. Visit the Disney store | as a massive Disney fan I’d love to visit the Disney store in Lisbon and maybe pick up a little Disney souvenir to mark the trip.

Do you have any Lisbon recommendations? I’d love to hear any tips or suggestions!
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