5 things I learnt baking my first yule log

Five Things I Learnt Baking My First Yule Log
Five Things I Learnt Baking My First Yule Log
Five Things I Learnt Baking My First Yule Log
It’s Christmas Eve! I spent the morning baking my first ever chocolate yule log and I’m absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. I’m not saying it’s perfect, I haven’t even tasted it yet but judging by the fact it contains almost 5 full bars of Lindt chocolate it is safe to say it should taste pretty good.

This chocolate yule log will be served after Christmas dinner (along with my Grandma’s amazing Christmas pudding) and although I know it is nothing compared to all the preparation and work my parents are having to do, I’m pleased I’ve been able to contribute something to the festivities tomorrow.

I used this BBC Good Food recipe and I have to say that on the most part it’s not too difficult to follow.

I’m by no means an expert but here are 5 things I learnt baking my first yule log which might help you too:

  1. Swiss roll tins are harder to come by then you might think. I managed to track one down in John Lewis but it was the third shop I visited!
  2. Allow plenty of time, doing anything for the first time takes longer (as you might expect) but even the icing needed more than the stated hour to get to the point of being spreadable.
  3. It’s really important not to let the cake cool completely before rolling. Luckily I watched this video which suggests rolling the sponge while it is warm and pliable and then allowing it to cool. This technique worked really well for me and I didn’t have any issues.
  4. The chocolate icing hides any cracks or imperfections in the sponge so don’t worry too much if it does split when rolling.
  5. Adding a sprinkling of icing sugar and other elements of decoration will really help to bring it all together. I chose these adorable little gingerbread men just because I fancied it and as a finishing touch I will be adding a sprig of holly before serving.

Have you baked a yule log or swiss roll before? What dessert do you traditionally have after Christmas dinner?
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