9 Favourite Festive Christmas Jumpers

9 Favourite Festive Christmas Jumpers
With just 5 weeks until Christmas I thought it was time for my annual post featuring all my favourite festive Christmas jumper finds. It has become a bit of a tradition around these parts and this year is no different.

I’ve scrolled through a tonne of websites and made countless Google searches to gather my favs in one place, so here you are; my 9 favourite festive Christmas jumpers!

1. Grey Dear Santa Sweatshirt, £28
Sweatshirts are my favourite kind of jumper, they don’t itch, they’re warm and don’t get caught on anything like a knit could. What’s not to like about a festive sweatshirt that is made to look like a string of lights?

2. Holiday Sweatshirt, £20
Sticking with sweatshirts, I love the candy cane and snowflake print of this one. It’s a little different to your standard fairisle jumper and it’s a bargain too!

3. Mistletoe Jumper, £26
Embroidered knits are very much a favourite of mine so I had to include this Mistletoe number. I love the glittery flecks in the navy jumper and pearl detailed mistletoe.

4. Polar Bear Jumper, £32
There’s a bit of a navy theme this year isn’t there? This jumper looks so cosey and cute and I adore the detail on the collar, hem and sleeves.

5. Tree-Mendous Jumper, £45
Oh I do love a good slogan jumper and this one is a firm favourite this year. Tree-Mendous! (too far?)

6. Heart Robin Jumper, £26
You could definitely get away with wearing this throughout the Winter months so top marks for versatility but there’s something about it that shouts Christmas. Isn’t the design just the sweetest?

7. Merry Jumper, £29.50
I tend to wear a lot of black so a jumper like this with a pop of colour and touch of sparkle makes for a gorgeous understated Christmas jumper.

8. I Want It All Sweatshirt, £16.00
So this sweatshirt pretty much sums me up with regards to all of these jumpers because I really do want them all! Only my other half might kill me if I buy another 9 Christmas jumpers when I already have so many.. maybe I can sneak them past him with the Christmas presents?

9. Baaaa Humbug! Jumper , £30.00
I adore the design of this jumper, it’s delightful in a cheeky kind of way and unlike any Christmas jumper I’ve come across before!

So there we have it, 9 of my favourite festive Christmas jumpers to see you through until the New Year!

Will you be buying a new Christmas jumper this year? I’d love to know which one you’d choose.
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