Nails #94

Nails #94 | Barry M Gelly Nail Paint Blue Jade
Base Coat | OPI Nail Envy
Colour | Barry M Blue Jade
Top Coat | Essie Good To Go Top Coat

I’m going to have to do something extra special for my 100th nail polish post, aren’t I? At least I’ve got a bit of time to come up with something.

This week I’m wearing the newly released Barry M Gelly Nail Paint Blue Jade. I’ve noticed that the Gelly shades usually have a food themed name so I was a bit surprised with the naming, especially as I associate jade blue shades with deep turquoise.

I would describe Barry M Gelly Nail Paint Blue Jade as more of a muted deep blue. Nonetheless it’s a really beautiful shade and caught my eye as soon as I saw it in store. I don’t think my photograph does it justice as it looks very dark in some lights and much brighter in others, it’s a really very unusual, eye catching blue.

In all honesty the Gelly collection isn’t my favourite as a lot of shades are a little too thick for easy application but the opacity is phenomenal and you can often get away with just 1 coat so I can live with it, especially as they’re so purse friendly.

Barry M Blue Jade falls in the category of having a slightly too thick formula so I had to be careful not to overload my brush when applying so it wouldn’t spread all over my nail bed. I probably could have applied just the 1 coat but I’m so used to 2 that I just kept applying on auto pilot.

What have you been wearing on your nails recently?
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