Wishlist: Disney

Wishlist: Disney
Mickey Mouse Hoodie (£19.99) | Beauty and the Beast Top (£7.00) | Dalmatian Tote Bag (£60.00) | Mickey Floral Embroidery Top (£15.99) | Mickey Mouse Stripe Shirt (£37.99) | Minnie Mouse Havaianas (£15.99) | Pongo and Perdita Sweatshirt (£55.00) | Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt (£22.99)

Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.
– Walt Disney

In just under 40 days Nick and I are going back to Disneyland Paris and I’m so excited! We have truly made the most of having annual passes, that’s for sure. I don’t really need an excuse to compile a Disney clothing/accessories/shoes wishlist but I’m using this trip as one nonetheless.

When I’m in Disneyland I go full on Disney and to be honest I wear Disney clothing on an average day anyway. We’re always in the parks from early morning (as we like to make the most of our extra magic hours) until Disney Illuminations so it’s a pretty long day and I like to wear the comfiest clothes possible.

The Beauty and the Beast top or the Mickey Floral Embroidery top are both really pretty and would be perfect during the day at Disneyland. I would then layer a sweater or hoodie over the top as it can get quite chilly in October. I love all three featured in my wishlist but I especially love the pink sweater with the Mickey face’s on the sleeve – isn’t it cute?

I know that October won’t be the right time of year for Havaianas but I had to include them, just look at them! I’m so tempted to buy them now to wear them in the last few weeks of summer and for next year.

I had to include the Striped Mickey Mouse shirt as I just love the pocket detail, also, you can’t see it here, but on the back, there’s a huge vintage style Mickey head which I love. I actually ordered this today when I was compiling this haul as I think it will be perfect for an evening when we have a dinner reservation, it’s a bit smarter but still casual enough that I could wear it during the day if I wanted.

I managed to pick up a few bits when the 101 Dalmatians x Cath Kidston collection was first released but I’ve still not gotten around to purchasing the tote bag which I really really want. I need to order it asap as the Peter Pan collection will come out in mid-September and I really don’t want to miss out. How lovely would the tote bag look with the Pongo and Perdita sweatshirts?!

There are so many beautiful Disney bits around at the moment. No doubt I’ll pick up a few of these items before we go away next month! Is there anything you’ve spotted in my wishlist that you like?
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