5 ways to cope with losing a pet

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If you’re a regular reader, it is no secret that I have a fair few pets. My pets aren’t ‘just a guinea pig’ or ‘just a hamster’, they are beloved members of our family. They bring me endless joy and I love them deeply, so when one passes I truly find it heartbreaking.

Sadly our guinea pig, Rusty, unexpectedly passed away on Friday evening. Just that morning, Nick had fed him at the cage door where he was climbed up and peering out, being his usual perky self. We don’t know whether it is related to him getting stuck in his treat box or whether he had an underlying health issue, there weren’t any signs of him being unwell.

The last few days have been filled with sorrow, which is only natural I guess. Everyone deals with grief and loss differently, there’s no right or wrong way, it is a personal thing. But I have always found that grief for me comes in waves of highs and lows that gradually become less intense with time.

To help me cope with the grief and sadness of losing Rusty there’s a few things I’ve done to help ease the pain.

1. It’s okay to cry

If you feel like crying, cry, and don’t let anyone tell you not to.

2. Look at photographs

I like to look at photographs and videos, it helps me feel that little bit closer to him. I’ve set him as my background on my phone and I’ve also printed some photographs, that way Rusty always feels close by.

3. Share memories

Nick and I have been sharing happy memories of Rusty over the last couple of days as a celebration of his life. It’s bittersweet, but it helps.

4. Light a candle

I’ve been lighting a candle in Rusty’s memory in the evenings. Other things that could help is buying a piece of jewellery or ornament in their memory, creating a scrapbook or planting flowers as a memorial.

5. Cuddle remaining pets that little bit harder

We’ve been giving Tufty (Rusty’s cage mate) extra attention as he seems a little lonely and is probably missing Rusty too. I’ve also been cuddling all my pets that little bit harder as I find it both calming and soothing.

Rusty, you’ll always be loved, never forgotten and forever missed ♡

Do you have any tips for coping with losing a pet? I’d love to know.
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