Christmas Gifts 2016

Christmas Gifts 2016
Christmas Gifts 2016 | Pandora Floral Daisy Lace Earrings
Christmas Gifts 2016 | Pandora Floating Locket Necklace
And just like that Christmas is over for another year, I feel like I’ve mentioned how quickly this year has passed several times throughout 2016 and this still rings true.

It felt like a huge shock to the system going back to work this morning, the 4 day weekend passed me by in such a flash of delightful family time, scrummy food and down time… it will be 2017 before we know it! Before I start on the reflective/ new year posts I wanted to take a moment to document some of my favourite gifts from Christmas 2016.

The mister always completely spoils me and this year is no exception as he gifted me the gorgeous Pandora Floating Locket as well as lots of other lovely things such as an adorable Minnie Mouse Onesie, a cute Eeyore ornament, a Mayday Parade vinyl, nail polish and the Disney Classics Frozen DVD to add to our collection.

My parents gave me an HP Sprocket, if you haven’t heard of it, it is a portable, bluetooth printer that prints polaroid sized photographs. Finally, there’s no excuse for me not to print more of my photographs! I can’t wait to start putting together a photo board.

From other friends and family I received money which is always handy, these pretty Pandora Floral Lace Earrings, a Slanket which is the cosiest thing ever, perfume and lots of other lovely bits and pieces!

I feel so grateful to have such kind, thoughtful and generous family and friends, I love them all dearly.

I hope you had a truly awesome Christmas! What was your favourite gift under the tree this year?
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