Meet Whisper

Meet Whisper | Meet our new hamster Whisper
Meet Whisper | Meet our new hamster Whisper
Meet Whisper | Meet our new hamster Whisper
For the past 5 months I have really missed having a hamster and I’m pretty sure Nick felt the same way too. Guinea pigs are still my absolute favourite but there’s something very special about a hamster and no matter how much time I spent with our piggies I still felt a niggling sense of absence.

Whilst on holiday we discussed adopting a new hamster and we were both in agreement, as soon as we’d come back from our holiday we’d look for a new furry friend to join our family.

Whisper was love at first sight, she has the most adorable eyes and her markings are quite distinctive. We named her Whisper because she is quite timid but funnily enough she is a fairly noisy little thing, I can hear her at night on her wheel or chewing/ moving things around.

She is also extremely fast, one of the first times we got her out of her cage we lost her under the sofa and it took us a good 15 minutes to catch her again (she was totally tricking us)! Thankfully she has been happy to held for little sessions since. She is also very inquisitive, regularly standing on her back feet to see out of her cage at whatever might be going on.

I’m very much looking forward to getting to know Whisper’s character with time and hopefully gradually getting her more comfortable with being held for longer.
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