Currently #10

Currently #10
Watching: I finally got around to starting BBC’s Thirteen (mini series), I’ve been meaning to watch this for ages.
Reading: just started reading No Place to Hide by Susan Lewis.
Listening: Nick and I recently purchased a vinyl player. We like collecting things so we thought we could start our own little vinyl collection. I’ve been listening to some of my favourite tracks on vinyl lately.
Eating: my Dad is cooking a BBQ later, his BBQs are genuinely the yummiest so I’m really looking forward to it.
Drinking: I’d love a cold glass of pink lemonade right about now!
Wearing: summer dresses! We’re having SUCH gorgeous weather this weekend.
Feeling: content.
Thinking: We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the theatre yesterday and it was absolutely spectacular. So much fun!
Planning: blog posts. I’m hoping some inspiration hits me.
Needing: a day to spring clean the flat!
Loving: the weather, sunshines makes me SO happy.
Hating: that it’s back to work again tomorrow. Boo, why do the weekends pass so quickly?
Thanking: my guinea pigs, they bring me so much joy!
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