The Ring

The Ring | Choosing my Engagement ring
Quite a few of you have asked me to share a photo of my engagement ring so here you are. I’ve had it for about 10 days now and I still can’t stop looking at it.

When my fiancé and I used to speak about getting engaged I had always said that I wanted my ring to be a little bit different and I think that threw Nick off a bit as he searched for a good 5 months and still couldn’t find an engagement ring he was happy with, which is pretty sweet in itself. But then he chose a placeholder ring I absolutely adore which goes to show how well he knows me.

Choosing an engagement ring together was a pretty special experience and it was lovely for me to have a say. Before we went looking for one I had a browse online and this ring immediately caught my eye, and although there were a few other rings I also liked in the shops, this one really stood out to me – it was just meant to be. I love the way the 2 bands interlink and something about it reminds me of the ring Nick proposed with so it totally felt like the perfect ring. Plus I adore the sparkles! ALL the sparkles!
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