Nails #36

Nails #36 featuring Ciate Candy Floss
Nails #36 featuring Ciate Candy Floss
Base Coat | Nail HQ All In One Nail Treatment
Colour | Ciate Candy Floss
Top Coat | Nails Inc 45 Second Speed Dry Top Coat

This week I was feeling a pastel pink nail polish so went with Ciate Candy Floss. Can we please take a moment to appreciate how fitting this name is? It screams Spring and fun fairs. Candy Floss is a gorgeous pastel pink that is slightly brighter than the usual pastel shade but I love that it has more of a pop. Ciate Candy Floss applies smoothly and evenly in 2 coats. I also think that it’s a super flattering shade and I’ve really enjoyed having this on my nails.

I wrote a full post about how I care for my nails here if you’d like to have a read.

What nail polish have you been wearing this week?
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