Dear Patch

Dear Patch,
My raccoon-like piggy, I can’t believe it has been a year since you passed away. I still remember that evening so clearly, it was heartbreaking seeing you suffering, even if it was just for a short time. Witnessing the life draining away from your little body was one of the most traumatic things I have ever experienced but I was so lucky to have you as my pet. I wanted to write this letter to show you that I haven’t forgotten you, I never will.

I hope you realise just how special you were (and still are) to me. I’d come home from work and you’d be sitting comfortably on your ledge (which was your territory only) but as soon as you’d hear the rustle of food you’d be the first to the food bowl or pile of carrots. Oh you did love your food, especially vegetables! You got on so well with Sooty (he never seemed to hold it against you that you’d always get to the food first and he’d end up with whatever was left) and you’d both snuggle up on our laps so adorably whilst watching television in the evenings. You were the calmer one of the two and would enjoy cuddles for longer. On dry days you loved going out for fresh air in the run and if I let you, you would happily munch on grass for hours on end. My mum always joked that you did a better job than the lawnmower.

You were so tiny when we brought you home from the pet shop in October 2010 and it was amazing to see you tranform into a full sized guinea pig full of character. We shared three very precious years together, and I’ll cherish those memories forever. Around the time of your passing I came across the quote “it’s the little things that make life big” and you were one of those little things that were so so important to me, you were a part of my family, you brought me so much joy and happiness. If you’d have lived a bit longer you’d have met Dusty, Sooty’s new cage friend. I had hoped the three of you would live together but it seems that wasn’t to be. Dusty has been keeping Sooty company, when they were first introduced I was sure Sooty was squeaking away to Dusty telling him all about you. This year three new furry friends have joined our family and I’m sure you would have enjoyed getting to know them too. Don’t worry though, they don’t replace you, you all hold a very special place in my heart.

Tonight I’m going to light the candle we brought in your memory and I will give all my four-legged friends an extra long cuddle whilst telling them a bit about you.

I hope there’s lots of carrots in piggy heaven my handsome boy.

Lots of Love,

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