Christmas Homeware Haul

1. Angel Decoration | £1.00
2. Ceramic Christmas Tree | £2.00
3. Hanging Bird Decoration | £1.00
4. Hanging Elf Decoration | £1.00
5. Yankee Candle 5 Sampler Red Festive Gift Set | £7.49

A year ago today my partner and I moved into our flat! I can’t believe we’ve lived here a whole year now. I’m so happy with how our flat looks, it’s just perfect! I took a few days off work to unpack and get settled in, the few weeks prior to our moving date were a roller coaster of stress and excitement so having a few days to get straightened up was definitely a decision made for the best. I also had to take a few days off to work on the decorating too. I had to paint all the walls, put our new peel and stick wallpaper up in the living room and build all the furniture. As you can imagine, it was a stressful time! As soon as the majority of the boxes were unpacked I couldn’t wait to get our Christmas decorations up to make our home feel more festive and familiar.

Moving into our first home, everything felt a little strange, we’d only actually SEEN our flat for the first time 2 weeks before (we purchased a new build property) so all our surroundings were new, and so was a lot of our furniture (or at least new to us!) so for me it was quite overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I was totally in love with our flat and I was so ready to move out and have our own space, but that didn’t stop it from being a rather big change that I needed some time to adjust to. We actually already had a lot of Christmas decorations as we used to decorate the conservatory at my parent’s place – did you know that conservatories in the 1970s were used as occasional garden rooms? A conservatory is such a lovely addition to a home, if we ever move out of our flat to a house, I’d definitely want one. i know it’s not all fun and games, I remember one time when my parents had a bit of an issue as the conservatory needed it’s roof replacing. I’m sure it was fairly simple though, as all they had to do was look up a company that offers a conservatory roof replacement service. Either way, my parent’s conservatory was our little hang-out den, so putting up our tree and decorations in our new flat really made me feel a lot more at home. I guess something about being surrounded by the decorations we’d chosen together, used in previous years, was reassuring in it’s own way.

Anyway, sorry for waffling on, the point I’m trying to make is that we already have lots of lovely Christmas decorations, so this year we didn’t need to buy anything new, but when we were browsing in Tiger not too long ago and came across these rather lovely little decorations I couldn’t resist especially as they were so affordable and match what we already own.

Catherine recently shared a post on the Yankee Candle Christmas set which includes 5 Christmas candle samples in Christmas Cookie, Mandarin Cranberry, Christmas Eve, Sugared Apple and Christmas Memories. I thought it would be so lovely to burn a Christmas candle every evening in the countdown to Christmas that I ordered a set for us. We’ve just finished burning Christmas Cookie which smells incredible, the smell is so appetising it made me feel hungry! I was hoping to buy another set as a Secret Santa gift but it looks like it has sold out.

Have you brought many new decorations this year? I’d love to have a peak at your purchases!
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