Lush Sparkler Bath Bomb

You might remember my Lush Haul post from the start of the month. I think I’ve done quite well to wait until the weekend just passed to use one of my new purchases. On Sunday I decided I fancied a little soak in the bath rather than my usual shower and tried Lush’s Sparkler Bath Bomb which includes a blend of Rose Oil, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Egyptian Geranium Oil so the bath bomb itself smells amazing. From the outside Sparkler looks like quite a plain yellow cylinder but on the inside it contains a beautiful red segment with lots of gold glitter.

Once placed under running water Sparkler dissolved quite slowly. The orange and red colours mixed together gradually to transform my bath into a sea of orangey-yellow with a generous offering of golden fairydust. The scent wasn’t very noticeable once the bomb had dissolved, which is a bit disappointing but the beautiful glittery water made up for it. I’m quite looking forward to trying some of the Lush Christmassy bath products next!

What is your current favourite Lush product?
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