In my September Birchbox I was lucky enough to receive a beautyblender and blendercleanser solid. I’ve only just realised that this make up sponge and cleanser set costs £26.00 so I’m really impressed that this product came as part of my box, especially as I’ve been wanting to try one for ages!

For those of you that may not know much about the beautyblender, it is a pink egg shaped beauty tool. The beautyblender doesn’t have any sharp edges (like a traditional triangle make up sponge) so that make up can be applied evenly without a streaky finish. I wasn’t sure of the best way to apply make up with a beautyblender so I did some research, watched some videos and read this tutorial before even opening the packet. I learnt that the best way to use this tool is to thoroughly wet it first to prevent the beautyblender’s absorption of liquid foundation or concealer and subsequently wasting product. I run my beautyblender under a tap and then gently squeeze out the excess water. The beautyblender swells to almost double the size after soaking up the water and feels much softer.

I like to use the fingertip on my ring finger to dab a little foundation all over my face (alternatively you could pump foundation into your palm and then dip the pointed side of the beautyblender into the foundation) and then I use the beautyblender’s round base to blend my make up across my forehead, cheeks and chin using the strippling technique, lightly bouncing my sponge across these larger areas to blend my make up. I then use the pointed side for the harder to reach areas such as under my eyes, around my nose and mouth. After using the beautyblender for the first time I’d fallen head over heels in love with this make up sponge! Strippling does take a little longer than applying foundation with a brush but the extra few minutes is totally worth it as my foundation applies completely flawlessly and blends seamlessly into my skin, so much better than with any of my foundation brushes. I also use my beautyblender to apply liquid concealer and I have found it works just as well.

I have got into the habit of cleaning my sponge every evening before I go to bed but I think washing it at a minimum once a week would be fine. I wash my beautyblender by running it under water and then sweeping the used areas of the beautyblender over the beautycleanser to create a lather. I then rinse the beautyblender under the tap and repeat these steps until it’s completely clean. Lastly I gently squeeze out any extra water and allow it to air dry over night. The whole cleaning process takes a maximum of 3-4 minutes. The beautycleanser has a subtle lavendar fragrance which I quite like and have found this cleansing soap very effective. I have tried cleaning my beautyblender with baby shampoo (which is what I use for my make up brushes) but this didn’t work as well as it took a fair bit longer to clean. I read somewhere that using a facial cleanser can work really well so I might give that a go.

Have I mentioned just how much I love this little egg shaped sponge? I haven’t stopped using my beautyblender since I received it as the results are so impressive! Do you like to apply your make up with a sponge? If so, which is your favourite?

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