SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD Mascara

I own more mascaras than I care to admit (I’ll be sharing more on my collection in future posts) but the SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD Mascara deserves a special mention.

For £6.99 this mascara has some bold claims to live up to. According to its description;
“After applying 2 coats this mascara:
Does not clump
Is long lasting, smudge proof & does not flake
Adds volume & length from corner to corner
Lifts & curls lashes from corner to corner
Adds thickness to lashes”

The SEVENTEEN Fasifeye HD Mascara comes in a black circular tube covered in white and pink text which I quite like. The brush itself has lots of plastic bristles of varying lengths, with the bristles also getting shorter closer to the tip of the brush which is perfect for catching those hard to reach corner lashes. These bristles are extremely spiky so you do need to be careful upon application as it can get quite painful (lesson learnt!).

Does the brush live up to its claims? I believe it does. The mix of long and short bristles really helps to catch and extend every single lash adding length and definition whilst also separating the lashes. In order to build maximum volume I apply more than 2 coats to achieve the look I am happy with, the only snag being that it can be quite time consuming to apply but I definitely think it’s worth it. With this mascara I have found that I can keep layering and it won’t clump my eyelashes together. It is also very long wearing – I can go a full day without my mascara crumbling or my eyelashes losing their definition.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect mascara for what feels like forever. Every mascara I own is good at lengthening or separating or volumising but doesn’t necessarily do all of these things and so I have often resulted in using 2 or 3 different mascaras in one go. The SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD Mascara is the best multi-tasking mascara I have ever owned and it has certainly been my go-to mascara the past few months.

Have you tried the SEVEENTEEN Falsifeye HD Mascara?
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