Introducing Smokey and Whisky

Introducing the new additions to our family, guinea pigs Smokey and Whisky
Introducing the new additions to our family, guinea pigs Smokey and Whisky
Introducing the new additions to our family, guinea pigs Smokey and Whisky
Introducing the new additions to our family, guinea pigs Smokey and Whisky
If you follow me on Instagram or have been reading my blog for a while you will know much I love my guinea pigs. Well not too long ago, Nick and I visited the pet shop for supplies and fell head over heels for Smokey and Whisky. There was no way we were going to leave the shop without them, even though I was trying to convince us both that 7 pets (as we also have a hamster) in one flat, is a bit excessive – but who was I kidding? They were coming home with us.

Smokey and Whisky are settling in our home nicely. They’re about 15 weeks old and are half of the size of an adult guinea pig. They’re both Abyssinian (like Tufty) and are covered in tufts of very soft hair. Smokey has dark hair on his face and shoulders, but his back is covered in ginger, and lighter toned hair that looks almost grey, which is why we called him Smokey. I don’t know if you can see from the photos but he has like 3-4 white hairs on his forehead and it’s so cute! Whisky is the tri-coloured piggy, and he has such an adorable face. Just look at it! Whisky has already decided that his favourite spot in their cage is sitting on top of the hut – whenever I go in to see them he’s sitting up there, like he’s the king of the castle. I am really excited to get to know more of their personalities with time and as they grow older.

At the weekend I took all 6 piggies to my parents for an afternoon so they could have some floor time in the garden. Smokey and Whisky weren’t sure of what to think of it at first but they were soon munching away at the grass. They also met Sooty and Dusty for the first time and they all got on happily which was lovely. We’ll slowely introduce them to Rusty and Tufty too. 7 might seem like a lot of pets, but they bring us both so much joy, I wouldn’t change them for the world!

Have you ever been to the pet shop and just had to take a pet (or 2) home?
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  • Hehe, yes! I went to the pet shop in February ‘just to have a look’. I now am slave to two guinea pigs called Monty & Bailey! :D

    How do you get yours to stay for photos? Ours don’t like the camera or the phone! It makes getting pics of their cutness difficult!

    Michelle -x-

    • Ioanna

      Aww what lovely names :) piggies are such great pets!

      Giving them veg helps, they then sit still munching on it, but I guess it depends a bit on their personalities. I also turn the sound off on my camera/ phone so I don’t scare them xx

  • I love these photos so much! They look so professional and of course the subjects are super cute, I can’t deal with that photo of them in the basket! I’ve owned 8 guinea pigs in the past (though not all at once!) and you’re right, they’re fab pets. I’d still have them now but for health reasons can’t be around all the hay and stuff. x

    Josie’s Journal

    • Ioanna

      Aww thank you so much Josie :) <3 I love my babies! I'd love to hear all about your guinea pigs sometime Aww no what a shame, at least you have Freddie though :) xx

      Ioanna |

  • Oh my they’re the cutest little things! I actually have two guinea pigs as well, and I love them x

    Lucy |

    • Ioanna

      Thank you <3 aww lovely, have to love guinea pigs! xx