Happy Halloween

I wanted to wish you a very jolly Halloween! I can’t believe it’s already the 31st of October. Where has this year gone? It feels like it has whizzed by in such a flash! How can it possibly almost be November? I really need to get a move on with planning and buying Christmas presents.. anyway, enough of my random rambling.

Have you got much planned for Halloween? I’ve never really celebrated Halloween properly, over the years I have been to the cinema on the 31st to watch the latest horror/thriller as I do love a bit of suspense and have been to a few fancy dress parties but most years I don’t do anything particularly exciting. As a child I wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating until I was in my teens and I have only ever carved a pumpkin once! I guess Halloween has never appealed to me as much as other celebrations and this year the mister and I are just planning a night in with homemade popcorn, the last of the bonfire brownies and a bunch of horror films but in all honesty I cannot wait for Bonfire Night! I do love a good old fireworks display. Simply magical.

Trick or treat?
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