Current jewellery favourites

My current silver jewellery favourites

My passion for dainty silver jewellery blossomed when I was about 16. That was a crazy year for me, not only was I doing four AS Levels, I was also studying for my A Level in Modern Greek, taking part in the school production and weekly singing classes.. while also trying to have a bit of a social life.

Not to brag, but I don’t think anyone expected that I would come away with the academic results that I did. Don’t get me wrong I’d always worked hard, and I achieved perfectly acceptable results at GCSE, but that year? I smashed it with A’s in almost everything (I feel very old saying this, but that was the highest you could get back then) and top 10 in the country for one of my AS Levels.

I remember feeling genuinely proud of myself, and my family were equally thrilled that I had done so well. So much so, that they wanted to mark the occasion with a special gift. Side note: I know that I am seriously lucky to have such loving parents.

My current silver jewellery favourites | Pandora Bracelet and Charms

I remember this day so well. A Saturday morning, our local Pandora stockist, my parents either side of me, as I chose my first ever Pandora bracelet and some charms. I was so excited, it took me ages to narrow down my charm selection.

There’s barely a day that goes by that I don’t wear my bracelet. 12 years on, my original bracelet is one of my most treasured possessions, along with my now extensive collection of charms and other Pandora jewellery.

Every birthday and Christmas, I’m gifted something Pandora without fail. I’m still waiting patiently for Pandora to release a guinea pig charm, hopefully one day! Putting the lack of a guinea pig charm aside, I’m very much a Pandora advocate (and no this isn’t sponsored in any way, I just love their jewellery).

Anyhow, sorry for rambling on. For today’s post I thought I’d share my current jewellery favourites, in addition to my Pandora bracelet. There are some new, some old, all cherished.

Pandora Mickey and Minnie Puzzle Rings
Pandora Wrap-Around Arrow Ring and Pandora Celestial Stars Ring
Pandora Shooting Star Ring and Pandora Teardrop Silhouette Ring

Aside from my bridal rings, I’m usually wearing at least a couple of other rings. I tend to get rings in a couple of different sizes, so that I can stack them and wear them on different fingers.

Some long standing favourites (which I think has now been discontinued) are the Pandora Shooting Star ring and the Pandora Teardrop Silhouette ring (both pictured together above). These have a really narrow band so are super comfortable to wear whatever the occassion.

As a Disney fan, I adore my Mickey Silhouette ring and my Minnie Mouse Ears Silhouette Puzzle ring which I enjoy wearing stacked together when I’m in the parks or want a little subtle Disney in my life.

Another of my current jewellery favourites is the Wrap-Around Arrow ring which I like to keep for special occasions and, my most recent gift, the Celestial Stars ring is me to a t. If you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with stars and this ring is both sparkly and pretty. I’ve been wearing it non stop.

My current silver jewellery favourites | Links of London Star bracelet

Another firm favourite is this delicate Links of London Star bracelet that I also tend to wear on special occasions. I wasn’t lying when I said that I’m obsessed with stars!

Silver jewellery edit | my current favourites

Finally, I want to share with you a tiny white gold pendant necklace that I’ve been wearing non stop since I brought it in a little jewellery shop in Crete. This photograph really doesn’t do it justice, it’s a gorgeous piece.

With 12 ear piercings (yes, I did have to count them to double check!), I’ve decided to save my ear jewellery for another day, as this blog post would quickly turn into a novel. But let me know if you’d be curious to see how I adorn my ears. So that’s a wrap on my current jewellery favourites.

Do you have favourite jewellery you wear everyday? Show me! I’d love to take a look.