Turning 25

Turning 25
Turning 25
A week ago today was my 25th Birthday. It seems crazy to me that I’ve already been 25 a week. I had one of the best Birthdays ever so I feel the need to document it. I’d hate to forget all of the little details.

Having spent the weekend in Canterbury sight seeing and visiting Howlett’s Animal Park, followed by a day at Slamdunk Festival South, I’d already had some pretty awesome pre-Birthday celebrations.

On my actual Birthday, the 31st of May, I started the day with a number of messages from family and friends, and a bag full of presents from Nick which I opened in bed. I was truly spoilt by all of my family and Nick, but one of my absolute favourite presents was this Pandora Eeyore charm which can’t actually be purchased in the UK. Isn’t he adorable? I have quite the thing for dear old Eeyore and it was very thoughtful of Nick to go to the effort of sourcing him for me.

Nick then warmed up a couple of pain au chocolat which we also enjoyed in bed – this is the closest the mister has ever got to, to making me breakfast in bed! Bless him.

I then had an earlyish appointment booked to have my hair coloured, you might have seen the results on my instagram – I’m so in love with my new sunkissed balayage. It’s exactly what I wanted.

After finishing up at the hairdressers I came home to a flat full of Birthday balloons including a giant Olaf and nope I’m not too old to be excited for warm hugs with Olaf!

The weather was pretty miserable last Tuesday in my neck of the woods but we decided to make the most of it and popped to St Albans for some Wagamamas and a spot of shopping. Once we got back from our little trip we snuggled up on the sofa, watched a new film and ate a slice of Birthday cake.

For the evening I had a meal with family booked, and we were almost ready to leave when there was an unexpected knock at our front door. It was my sister! She decided to surprise me by coming home from University in Brighton (in the middle of her exams) for my Birthday. This was the best surprise ever as I hadn’t seen her in over 2 months! This totally made my day.

My Birthday dinner was really lovely, and I couldn’t have asked for a more special day, I’m so greatful to everyone that contributed to that. My 25th Birthday was filled with all of the people that I love the most and I got to do some of my most favourite things, what more could I possibly want? Turning 25 wasn’t so bad after all!
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