5 New Essie Additions for Spring

5 New Essie Additions for Spring
I recently purchased some new Essie shades which I think are absolutely perfect for this time of year. Although we’re slowly coming to the end of spring, I think all of these shades can also be warn throughout the summer months, especially as English weather is so unpredictable. From left to right we have;

Essie Mrs Always-Right
Mrs Always-Right is one of the shades in the recently launched Essie Bridal Collection 2016. I love the name aswell as the rich pinky rose shade. Although Essie Mrs Always-Right probably isn’t classed as a typical spring shade I think this is still a beautiful polish for this time of year.

Essie Poolside Service
Essie Poolside Service is a spring 2016 release. Poolside Service is a deep teal. Some might say that this is more suited to the autumn or winter months but I’m of the opinion that this shade can be warn throughout the year, including spring. Sometimes it’s lovely to swap the usual pastel and bright shades for a shade a little deeper.

Essie Peach Side Babe
Peach Side Babe is a gorgeous peach that will really pop with a bit of a tan. I’m very much looking forward to wearing this one.

Essie Saltwater Happy
Essie Saltwater Happy is a light blue with grey undertones. Shades like this really appeal to me, I love a pretty blue nail polish!

Essie Fiji
I’ve finally added the beauty blogger favourite, Essie Fiji to my collection. Essie Fiji is a pigmented pastel pink. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on this for such a long time so I think I’ll just have to try this one next!

What nail polish have you been wearing so far this spring?
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